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Adds, drops, withdrawals, and refunds at KPU

Registration in classes is a key step in achieving your academic goal.  Registration includes adding (or enrolling in) classes, dropping classes, and withdrawing from classes.



Most students enroll in classes, referred to as "sections", via your Online Self-Service account. Sections can be added at any time during the registration period up to and including the Late Registration period (the first week of classes). Once you enroll, your tuition and fees owing will be (re-)calculated and you become responsible for completing your studies and for payment. Please be aware that there are important deadlines after which your transcript may be affected and none, or only a portion of, your tuition may be returned.

Closed Classes

During the registration period, individual sections will fill up and will show in the online registration system as "Closed".  Occasionally, KPU will also schedule additional sections of a course, and make them available later in the registration period. These sections will also appear as "Closed".  If waitlisting is available for the "closed" section, you may choose to add yourself as 'waitlisted'.   You will be notified by an email to your KPU email account if a seat should become available.  Please see Waitlisting for Courses.

For courses that do not have waitlisting available, seats may become available at a later date during registration as students drop or KPU opens a new section. Therefore, be persistent in your attempts to register throughout the entire registration period. 


A student who wishes to take a course, but does not wish to do so for credit, may request to audit the course. An auditor is expected to attend class, but does not participate in the evaluation process. To audit a course, a student must obtain the approval of the Registrar, or designate or an Educational Dean and be currently eligible to enroll. Priority is given to credit students, so students are not permitted to register for a course and then change to audit status. The tuition fee for auditing a course is the same as that for a student taking the course for credit.

Students will be permitted to request audit status during the first week of classes.  To apply for audit status, students must complete a Course Status Change form and submit it to Student Enrolment Services on any campus.

Maximum Course Load

In any semester, there is a limit to the number of courses in which you can enroll. Most domestic student can take up to five courses (17.5 credit hours) per semester, although students in selective-entry programs that require more can register in the number required by the program.

If you wish to enrol in more credit hours (a course overload), you must request permission to do so at least three weeks before you register. Complete a Request for Special Approval to Register in a Course form and submit it to Student Enrolment Services. For limitations and requirements for a course overload, please see the University Calendar.

For some international students, different minimums and limits may apply. International students should contact the International Education office for more information.

Full-time/Part-time Status

A student who is enrolled in nine or more credit hours in a semester is considered to be full-time. Students enrolled in fewer than nine credits are considered to be part-time. The minimum course load to qualify for a student loan is nine post-secondary undergraduate credits.

Error Messages

When enrolling, dropping, or withdrawing using the online registration system, you may encounter one of the following error messages.

Section is full: The section you have selected is currently full.

Section-X is full: The cross-listed section you have selected is currently full.

Closed -- ### Waitlisted: There are currently no seats available for registration. The ### will be replaced by the number of students currently on the waitlist. You may waitlist for this class.

Open -- ### Waitlisted: There are seats available for registration, however, there are students on the waitlist that will be offered the seat. You may waitlist for this class.

Closed – Waitlist Full: There are no available seats for registration or waitlisting.

Open – Waitlist Full: There is an available seat for registration, however, it has been offered to someone on the waitlist. The waitlist is currently full.

Same course as section 99999: You entered a duplicate of a section or course you are already registered in. You cannot register in two (or more) sections of the same course.

Level restriction: You tried to register for a course that is restricted to students in a particular level of study (generally, students must be admitted to an undergraduate program to access undergraduate courses). If you feel you should be able to register in that particular course, contact Student Enrolment Services and they will look into it for you.

Linked course, register for both parts: You tried to register for a course in which there are two parts (e.g. a lecture and a lab). You must select and register in both parts at the same time (enter two CRNs).

Maximum credits exceeded: You have entered a course that will exceed the maximum number of semester credit hours allowed for your program of study.

Prerequisites/co-requisites are unmet: You have not met the prerequisite/co-requisite required to take this course

Program restriction: You tried to register for a course that is restricted to students in a particular program. If you feel you should be able to register in that particular course, contact Student Enrolment Services and they will look into it for you.

Field of Study Restriction: You tried to register for a course that is restricted to students in a particular major or minor. If you feel you should be able to register in that particular course, contact Student Enrolment Services and they will look into it for you.

Repeating course or equivalent more than X time(s) is not allowed: You have tried to register for a course that you have already attempted twice before. You must apply for approval to take this course again (see Repeating courses).

Time conflict with CRN 99999: You have tried to register for a course, and/or exam, that is scheduled at the same time as a course, and/or exam, in which you are already registered.

Course Requirements

To improve your ability to succeed, KPU has established prerequisites and co-requisites for many of the courses in which you want to enroll. Requirements are published with each course in the Timetables and in the University Calendar Course Descriptions. Normally, you will not be permitted to register for any course for which you lack the required requisite. However, courses that are in progress will satisfy prerequisites until grades are submitted. At that time, students who do not meet prerequisites will be dropped from the section. Always check your registration the next business day after you receive a previous semester final grade(s).


Prerequisites are course(s) or test(s) that must be successfully completed before studies begin in the desired course. Unless otherwise stated, a grade of C is the minimum grade allowed to satisfy a prerequisite. Students with prerequisites in progress, can register even though their final grades have not been recorded. However, if the prerequisite is not satisfied once grades are received, you will be dropped from the class.


Co-requisites are course(s) that must be taken concurrently (in the same term) as the desired course. It may also be taken in a prior term, providing a minimum grade of C (unless otherwise indicated) was achieved.

Requisite Waivers

Students are expected to meet all course prerequisites and co-requisites. If you lack the requisite(s) for a course, but feel you can clearly demonstrate that you have the equivalent skills and knowledge you may request to have the requisite requirement(s) overridden. To do so, you must complete a Permission to Register form and have it approved by an instructor of the course. Check the current timetable for additional information on obtaining a requisite waiver. If your request is approved, you must return the form to any campus Student Enrolment Services office one day before you attempt to register in the course.

Repeating Courses

KPU policy allows a student to register only twice in a course without special permission. If you wish to register in a course for a third time, you must complete an Appeal to Repeat a Course form and submit it to the Student Enrolment Services office at least three weeks before you register. Your request will be reviewed and approval will be granted or denied. Students wishing to repeat a class for the third time will be able to waitlist themselves for that class, however, they will not be able to register until the proper waiver has been granted.


Dropping classes in semester-based courses

You can make changes to your registration up to the end of the first week of the semester without incurring an academic penalty (no 'W' on your transcript). Specific deadlines apply for dropping courses in time to receive a fee reduction (reductions in fees may result in a refund).
Students must complete their changes prior to the first day of the semester to get a 100% reduction in tuition and fees. Students dropping courses prior to the second week of the semester will receive a 70% reduction in tuition. There are no refunds after the first week of the semester.

Fee reduction dates and amounts for intersession courses are different. Intersession students should refer to Intersession Dates and Deadlines for more information. See Dates and Deadlines for the specific dates.


Withdrawing from class is the formal way of avoiding a no-credit grade on your record. Students can withdraw from classes (or a program for limited enrolment programs) until about mid-way through the semester/program. The exact dates are available in the Dates and Deadlines for open registration programs, or by contacting Student Enrolment Services for limited enrolment and continuous intake programs.

Students withdraw from courses for all kinds of reasons. Before you withdraw from a course or courses, have you checked to see if we can help you? You could:

Avoid that no-credit on your transcript—talk to us before you walk away!

Registration Periods

Late Registration

Late Registration begins on the first day of the semester.  When you add or change courses during late registration, be aware that you could have already missed one or more classes and that you may not be able to attend a class before the last day to withdraw without being charged full fees.  It is your responsibility to decide whether or not to proceed under these circumstances. You may wish to contact the instructor before you register to obtain further information about the classes missed.

Please note, Refund/Fee Adjustment rules and Withdrawal policies will not be varied if you decide to withdraw after the deadline.

Post-Registration Additions

After the first week of classes, students can still add and/or change sections in courses where space is available provided the instructor gives approval. Permission to Register forms will be available at any Student Enrolment Services Office or see our forms webpage. Students will be required to obtain instructor permission to register late; have the instructor sign the approval form and return the form in person to Student Enrolment Services, in order to register in the course.

See Dates and Deadlines for the specific dates.

Cancelled Courses

If a course is cancelled, students will be contacted by phone or KPU email. Students will be issued a full refund or reduction in fees owing for cancelled courses.

Refunds/Fee Adjustments

Refunds are processed when a drop results in a reduction in assessed fees after fees have been paid. If fees are still outstanding, the adjustment results in a reduction in the amount to be paid. Refunds will be processed and a cheque will be mailed approximately four weeks after the second week of classes.