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How to Register at KPU

Registering for courses is as easy as counting from 1-4! 


STEP 1: Check Your Registration Time & Eligibility

Registration time

Your registration time is determined by the KPU registration priority policy and is pre-assigned 3-4 weeks prior to the start of registration for each semester. Registration times are published and available for viewing according to the schedule listed in the Dates & Deadlines section of the Registration Guide.

To find out your pre-assigned registration time, log-in to your Online Self-Service account. Your registration time, as well as other important registration information will be displayed under the Check Your Registration Status option within the Student Registration Menu. You can register at, or any time after, your assigned registration time.

Eligibility to register

Students admitted to the upcoming semester or who have attended at least one of the three previous semesters are eligible to register and will be assigned a registration time.

If you have not been assigned a registration date and time, confirm the following:

  • You have paid your non-refundable Confirmation Deposit (new students);
  • Your academic standing does not prevent you from registering;

If you have any questions or concerns with your registration time, deposit, holds, or academic standing, please contact Student Enrolment Services on any KPU campus, or by phone at 604.599.2000.

STEP 2: Plan Your Classes & Timetable

Use the online Timetables to plan your courses for the semester. You must plan a conflict free timetable - including the final exams. If you need help with your course or timetable planning, please contact Academic Advising.

If you are planning to register for courses that have labs, please check the online Timetable to confirm the appropriate lab for each lecture.  In order to successfully register for a course with a lab, you must choose a lab with the correct link ID and register for both lecture and lab at the same time.

If this is your first time registering for courses at KPU, check out Course Planning 101.

STEP 3: Register

Most students will register online by logging into your Online Self-Service account.

STEP 4: Pay your tuition and fees

The tuition fee deadline for each semester is published and available for viewing in the Dates & Deadlines section of the Registration Guide. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the information regarding fees in the University Calendar, to ensure they understand fee payment policies and procedures, and the How to Pay page in the Registration Guide for information on methods of payment and where to pay.

Students applying for or in receipt of financial assistance to help fund their studies should contact Student Awards and Financial Assistance office.